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Jiří Kropáč speaks at the SchooLink 2023 educational conference

The lecturer and pedagogue Jiří Kropáč from Palacky Olomouc University, a member of the DigitalTA project, participated on August 31 in the SchooLink conference “International projects with quality and modernity” that took place in Brno (Czech Republic).

During the conference, Kropáč had the opportunity to explain to the attendees what the Erasmus Plus DigitalTA project is all about.

“In it, we focus on building continuous professional development and integration of beginning teachers, as well as those who are already active in school practice. Our aim is to create a so-called ‘bridge’ between teachers, so that new teachers receive practical foundations. knowledge and examples of good practice with the help of mentoring from more experienced colleagues. In preparing the project, we were also inspired by the diversity of education systems in other European countries: not only that each country approaches this issue differently, but also each country, school, including the teachers themselves.”

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The conference allowed schools and organizations active in school education in the Erasmus+ program to learn more about how to implement their projects more efficiently and with better quality and to get to know other possibilities of international European education, namely in the centralized activities of the Erasmus+ program.

The DigitalTA project partners are currently developing the virtual platform. Once developed, the platform will enable pre-service and in-service teachers to share their challenges, reflect on their teaching practices, access tutorials, explore case studies, and participate in a vibrant learning community. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features, the platform aims to foster collaboration, professional growth, and knowledge sharing among educators at different educational levels.

The DigitalTA partners will hold their third transnational meeting in November of this year in Antwerp (Belgium). Those interested in the project can find out more about it through the project’s website.

Sources: Mezinárodní projekty kvalitně a moderně. Co přinesl čtvrtý ročník konference SchooLink?

Photos: Author: Petr Vrabec / Instagram: zewlakk_foto