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Project’s aims

Project’s aims


The main aim of the project is to improve pre-service and in-service schoolteachers’ practical training in EU countries,reducing professional attrition. In order to follow this aim, we will define and evaluate a European approach for the transition period from pre-service teacher education to in-service.

This approach will include a digital platform as a common framework for teacher induction, with a learning community based on reflective practice bringing together providers of initial teacher’s education (pre-service education) and continuous professional development for teachers(in-service education).

The platform will be a virtual common environment for teachers in transition (pre-service teachers or students, newly qualified teachers, beginning teachers or in-service teachers), school-mentors, HEI teachers and continuous education trainers. This project benefits from the methodology of Problem- Based learning (PBL) and the development of a reflective practice guided by a trainer/mentor and shared with a Learning Community.

Our Project is also expected to contribute to the improvement of the spreading of knowledge in education. During the project lifetime, the partnership will define a European approach for the transition period from pre-service to in-service including the definition of roles for the actors and involved institutions.

Also, it will develop and validate a European digital platform for teacher transition integrating an international Learning Community, a reflective process methodology for schoolteachers and a repository on study-cases, as well as raising stakeholders’ awareness (teachers, mentors, learners, economic, politic, and social actors) of the potential of a common model for teacher’s practical training in EU countries.

The consortium is composed by teacher education providers in initial and continuous training from Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, and Spain, in order to propose a shared development process among European countries, and to define a useful tool for teacher training, taking advantage of current technological capabilities, and offering quality training for all, without barriers to social accessibility or capacity.



Main results in this project:

Result #1

Definition of a European approach for the transition period from pre-service teacher education to in-service.

Result #2

Definition and development of real-based study cases for the practical teaching work.

Result #3

Definition of the teachers in transition reflective process.

Result #4

Design, development, and administration of the peer-social network for teachers’ daily practical challenges.

Result #5

Integration and development of a European digital platform for the support and improvement of teacher practice for teachers in transition.

Result #6

Validation on a pilot basis: pilots with pre-service and in-service teachers.